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Transport of monetary values ​​and valuable items


Service description

Our business clients such as banks, exchange offices, stores, retail chains and a number of companies operating in other industries turn huge cash every day. Our equipment and employees are prepared to take it and safe transport to your destination. Sometimes it is also required to transport valuable items such as, for example, works of art or a convoy of dangerous goods transports.

Convoyage services are provided by qualified security personnel possessing a gun permit.

We offer:

  1. escorting cash and non-monetary values
  2. transport of value 
  3. protection of transport of valuables and hazardous materials. 

Why OptoScan

  1. we carry out convoys for banks, exchange offices
  2. we use vehicles adapted to transport monetary values
  3. all vehicles used in the convoy service meet strict statutory requirements and are additionally equipped with GPS systems, enabling precise monitoring on the route
  4. our team consists of trained and experienced employees who are able to effectively use all means of personal protection and direct coercion ensuring security of the money entrusted to them

Why OptoScan?

We have 25 years of experience

We are a recognized company on the market

We provide an individual system design

Our intervention groups arrive on time