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SpaceGUARD is a Satellite Vehicle Locating System, based on the device mounted

in the car. Every minute (or more) it sends to the Monitoring Center information about the vehicle’s location, its speed and direction of travel. We create the system from scratch, which gives us the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Our long-standing practice has taught us how to effectively protect the car from theft, and experience in the telematics market allows us to provide logistic monitoring services at a high level.


The 24/7 active GPS monitoring carried out by qualified employees of our Monitoring Center is currently the most effective anti-theft security system operating 24 hours a day. It allows you to prevent the latest methods of theft: a collision or a suitcase. In the case of confirmed vehicle theft, the Monitoring Center SpaceGUARD launches the theft procedure: locates the vehicle and coordinates the intervention services aimed at its recovery.


• Start authorization – a special hidden button that must be used before starting the engine. Its location is known only to the owner of the vehicle and people trusted by him, therefore the thief is unable to start the car, and as soon as he tries, he will block the possibility of starting the engine and the Monitoring Center will take appropriate action. 

• Reserved hours – a specific time interval in which the car is usually not used, eg night hours. Each launch of the car at this time (even authorized) is treated by the Monitoring Center as an attempt to steal. 

• Alarm – our Monitoring Center will be informed about its activation and the staff on duty will contact you by phone to verify it. The SpaceGUARD system works together with digital car alarms of such brands as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW and others …

We take care of the safety of your car every day, every holiday, day, night, during sleep and holidays.

The SpaceGUARD system makes it possible to reduce the costs of AC insurance in insurance companies such as PZU, Warta and Allianz.


With the help of the logistics service, you can instantly get acquainted with the detailed report of the car’s operation. Our Logistics service enables full supervision of company vehicles and their use. It provides ongoing control of, among others places and actual times of loading and unloading of goods, travel time between planned points of the route and monitoring of eg temperature of a cold store or AdBlue level. It gives the opportunity to effectively use the fleet of vehicles and reduce costs by improving the fleet management process.

The SpaceGUARD system also allows you to supervise the work of drivers and sales representatives. The current control of the time of commencement and termination of their work and diligence in approaching the duties entrusted to them will result in significant savings 


Vehicle location on any device with a web browser

Ability to manage multiple devices within one account

Real-time vehicle location and access to archive routes

E-mail notifications on speeding, departure from a specific area and many more

Possibility to generate route reports, stop locations, speed and more