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Intervention groups



Service description

After receiving an alarm signal from the facility, the Monitoring Center operator attempts to contact

with the client for the purpose of telephone alarm verification. At the same time, he sends the Intervention Group to the place of the event. Its task is to reach the facility as soon as possible, verify the alarm signal on the spot and possibly secure the facility.

Our agency also provides services of Intervention Groups for security agencies from all over the country.

Why OptoScan?

  1. employees of our intervention groups pride themselves on many years of experience 
  2. have a gun permit and are able to effectively apply direct coercive measures 
  3. they make a rounds of the facility each time a burglary is probable 
  4. they check windows, doors and other places critical for the facility

Why OptoScan?

We have 25 years of experience

We are a recognized company on the market

We provide an individual system design

Our intervention groups arrive on time